Welcome to the Charisma Vs. Will Home Page!

This is the home of all things CvW. I hope that it will be a source of information, fun, and creativity for you, my players. Feel free to write all that you want, especially in the Characters section. Everything is open to your additions, although I might change, modify or delete something if it messes up the story in a crazy go nuts way. The chances of this happening are slim to none though, so have at it! Eventually (re: next week) I’ll listen through our audio and update the adventure log with what has happened so far. It will be someone else’s responsibility to continually update the AL during our play sessions. Also, I’ll be adding info about our NPC’s. I might need some help with this though. That cannot happen until I get you guys the audio though so it’s on my shoulders until then.

Anywho, have a great time and write all that you want. I’m pretty excited about how easy this is and I hope you are too. Bye!

~ JaKe

Charisma Vs. Will

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