Charisma Vs. Will

Arson and Dead Gnolls

After resting at the Dragon’s cave, the party returned to town, carrying many flasks of dragon blood and body parts. Upon arriving, they discover that the Mayor’s house had been burned down. Upon examination, they concluded it was possibly magic based arson.

Giving some dragon meat to the local church, the party discovered the Mayor’s house was burned down by a nearby tribe of Gnolls. The party offers to negotiate with the Gnolls to cease hostilities between themselves and the village.

After locating the Gnoll’s camp, the party encounters “Chef Man”. He proceeded to lie about involvement in the arson, and attacked the party. After killing all the gnolls but one, the party finds “Jimba” the mayor of Rezuwin, being held captive. He explains that a locket was taken from him, and delivered to some other gnolls. This locket was the map and key to a vault, containing the town’s reserve treasures.

The party locates the vault, and waits for the other gnolls to arrive.



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